Four Reasons You Need An Attorney With Experience When Injured In An Accident With A Semi-Truck

Four Reasons You Need An Attorney With Experience When Injured In An Accident With A Semi-Truck

18 March 2020
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If you've been in a traffic accident with a semi-truck and you are thinking about filing a claim for damages to your car and yourself, you should first speak to a personal injury attorney. Don't choose just any attorney with experience in traffic accidents, though; you want a lawyer who has experience with truck accidents. There are important reasons for this, and the following are only a few of them.

They understand the regulations for driving a semi-truck

Although driving under the influence is an obvious issue and one that will be documented by the police at the scene of the accident, fatigue is not as obvious. This is one of the leading causes of an accident with a semi-truck, but an attorney with experience will know what the laws are regarding rest for a commercial truck driver and will also be able to read the logbooks that a driver is supposed to keep.

They understand regulations for truck maintenance

Because this type of attorney has a broad and detailed understanding of the laws regulating the safety of trucks, he or she can look at the police report of the accident and spot possible issues with the truck. Tires are a common problem. A tire blowout is not necessarily due to negligence, but an attorney will be able to look at the age of the tires and determine if it should have been replaced before the accident.

They understand the extent of injuries

Damage to your car, although often negotiated, is often straightforward compared to injuries. Injuries to drivers and passengers in a car that has been struck by a semi-truck are usually more extensive. Although the initial medical costs are easy to tally, you need a lawyer with semi-truck accident experience because they understand the long-term costs of rehabilitation, along with the compensation you are entitled to for paid and suffering.

They have experience with trucking insurance companies

The claims adjusters and attorneys for insurance companies that underwrite trucking fleets have enormous experience in settling claims for much less than the accident victims deserve. You need an attorney that has negotiated and even gone to court with these people in order to get full compensation for your injuries.

Semi-trucks are much different than cars. The drivers are subjected to laws that car drivers are not. The trucks have regulations that cars are not subjected to, and the injuries to car drivers and passengers are, on average, much worse. You need an attorney that is well-versed in all of the laws and that has an understanding of the special circumstances of this type of accident. And equally important, you want an attorney that has faced these insurance companies in court and has negotiated successfully.

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