4 Things That Might Impact Your Workers' Compensation Settlement Amount

4 Things That Might Impact Your Workers' Compensation Settlement Amount

26 March 2020
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If you are in the process of dealing with a workers' compensation case, you might be wondering whether or not you will receive a settlement. You might also be pretty curious about how much your settlement amount will be, if applicable. Of course, your workers' compensation settlement amount will vary based on a few different factors. These are a few examples of different things that might impact the amount of your workers' compensation amount.

1. The Length of Time You Will Be Out of Work

First of all, you should think about how long you will be out of work because of your injury. If you have already gone back to work after only missing a few days or weeks of work, then your settlement amount might not be very high. If you are going to be out of work for months or years — or if you will never be able to return to work because of your injuries — then you might receive a much bigger settlement to help make up for the loss of income.

2. The Amount of Money That You Normally Make

Additionally, the amount of money that you normally make when you are working will typically have an impact on your workers' compensation settlement amount, too. After all, the workers' compensation insurance company is supposed to help make up for any lost wages that you might incur due to your workplace injury. If you were paid a higher wage when you were working, then this might help you get a higher settlement. Of course, providing proof of your normal income — such as copies of your previous paycheck stubs — can help you with proving your previous income level.

3. The Cost of Your Medical Bills

Workers' compensation insurance companies are supposed to help with covering medical bills related to workplace injuries. If you have a lot of expensive medical bills, then your settlement will probably be higher to help cover the cost of all of these expenses. Make sure that you provide your attorney with copies of all of your medical bills so that you can increase your chances of getting a proper settlement.

4. Whether or Not You Work With an Attorney

Be aware that if you choose to handle your workers' compensation case on your own, you might not get as much in the form of a settlement as you would get if you worked with an attorney. If you are still dealing with your case, it's smart to look into hiring an attorney so that you can get help with getting the settlement that you deserve.

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