Know Three Situations That Can Result In A Defective Product Lawsuit

Know Three Situations That Can Result In A Defective Product Lawsuit

21 August 2020
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Did you suffer an injury by using a defective product? If so, know that there may be something that you can do about it by taking the product manufacturer to court. Here are some situations that can result in a valid legal claim against a defective product.

Product Defective

When you buy or use a product, you have the reasonable expectation that the product you are using will be safe and work as advertised. Unfortunately, that is not always the case with some products, and it can lead to you being injured. 

A good example of a product defect is if the airbag in your car failed to deploy. The purpose of the airbag is to keep you safe if you were involved in a serious accident, and you assume that the airbags will deploy in the proper situation. When the airbags do not deploy and cause you to suffer a greater injury as a result, you'll need the help of a lawyer to investigate the problem and come up with evidence that the airbag was defective. After all, an airbag is not going to deploy in minor fender benders, since there is a certain impact threshold that must be crossed for the airbag to go off. 

Design Defective

Sometimes there is a defect in the design of a product that ends up causing an injury to the user. This can be a hard case to prove, since you need to demonstrate how the product was defective and directly lead to an injury. This may happen if the manufacturer took shortcuts when designing the product to save money, or cheap parts were used.

An example of a defective design would be if a kids toy that uses a battery that catches on fire. There may be a flaw in the design of the lithium-ion battery that causes the battery to explode and injure the user. This can also happen with an e-cigarette that has a faulty battery that explodes while the person is using it.

Failure To Warn

Products also need proper warnings so that the user knows the risks of using the product. A great example of this is the famous fast food hot coffee injury, where a woman suffered burns from spilling coffee that was too hot. The lawsuit resulted in the woman winning millions of dollars, and the company that was responsible needed to put a warning on the coffee cup that the product was hot. While this is a basic example of a failure to warn, it can apply to any device that has the potential to cause an injury. 

If you feel like you have a real case for a defective product lawsuit, then personal injury attorneys like Labine Law Firm can help you assemble and fight your case for the greatest compensation.