The Importance Of Retaining An Assertive Auto Accident Attorney

The Importance Of Retaining An Assertive Auto Accident Attorney

2 February 2021
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When you sustain significant damages in a car wreck, you wonder how you can physically recover and pay for the expenses that you incur as a result. In fact, under your state's personal injury laws, you are not obligated to cover the costs that result from the wreck. The party that caused it is legally obligated to compensate you for expenses like medical bills, lost income and more.

However, convincing this other party to compensate you fairly can be challenging. He or she may deflect blame and instead try to fault you for the wreck. Rather than face off against this individual alone, you can hire an assertive auto accident attorney to represent you.

Assigning Rightful Blame

When you put an experienced auto accident attorney on retainer, you can assign the blame for what happened to the rightful party. Your lawyer can gather evidence like the footage from dash cams and nearby traffic surveillance cameras. This evidence can quickly establish what happened and who is to blame for the accident.

Once your auto accident attorney has this evidence on hand, he or she can compel the responsible party to accept liability for your accident-related damages. This individual may agree to compensate you for the expenses that you incurred from the wreck.

Going to Trial

If the responsible party refuses to accept liability, he or she may need to be sued in court. Your auto accident attorney can file a lawsuit against this individual and prepare to take your case to court.

The filing of the lawsuit puts the responsible party on notice that you intend to hold him or her civilly liable for causing the wreck. This person then has up to 30 days to respond by either offering you a settlement or facing off against you in court.

If the person decides to offer you a settlement, he or she can do so by contacting your auto accident attorney. The liable party can contact your law firm and say that he or she wants to make an offer in exchange for you and your lawyer dropping the suit. Your lawyer can then negotiate the sum of money that the person offers to you and can make sure that is in line with what you could win in a judgment.

An auto accident attorney can provide valuable legal services. He or she can prove liability, file a lawsuit and negotiate settlements.

To learn more, contact an auto accident attorney.