How a Child Car Restraint System Can Be Dangerous

How a Child Car Restraint System Can Be Dangerous

9 April 2021
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Child restraint systems save lives, and parents should always have their children use them. However, there are some cases where a defective child restraint system might contribute to your child becoming injured. If your child is injured as a result of a child car restraint system, you will want to speak with a personal injury lawyer about seeking compensation for your child's injuries.

Why Car Child Restraint Systems Become Dangerous

One issue with child restraint systems is that they might not be installed properly. You will want to follow the instruction manual for how to use the device. However, if the instructions don't exist or are not sufficient, you may be able to use this as evidence that the car seat manufacturer was negligent. 

In other cases, the car seat might be faulty. Car seats will usually have expiration dates and should be replaced after they have expired or they may no longer be safe to use. However, in some cases, the car seat might simply have been poorly designed. For example, the straps might be designed in such a way where they will tear when you are involved in a car accident. 

The seatbelt might also not fit properly, and your child might be able to squeeze out of it. If your child manages to crawl out of the car seat due to defects in how it is designed, you may use this as evidence that the car seat designer was negligent. 

Why You Need an Attorney

The manufacturer of car seats will try to argue that you did not use the car seat properly and that this lead to the accident. Therefore, you will want to work closely with a personal injury attorney who will gather evidence that the defective car seat contributed to your child's injuries.

Receiving compensation for a defective car seat is important because manufacturers will be more likely to be negligent in how they design their car seats when they aren't held accountable by litigation. You also deserve compensation for any injuries your child has suffered to pay for medical bills and pain and suffering.

In extreme cases, your child might be permanently disabled and may struggle to earn an income afterward. Therefore, your child might be entitled to compensation for expected lifetime earnings that they will not be able to receive. However, calculating these earnings can be very difficult and you will need help from legal experts.