How To Maximize Your Injury Lawsuit Settlement

How To Maximize Your Injury Lawsuit Settlement

17 May 2021
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If you are going through the process of seeking compensation for an injury, you'll likely want to get as much money as possible to help with your recovery. Unfortunately, the goal of the insurance company representing the responsible party is to pay as little as possible for your injury. Here are some tips for maximizing your compensation from a personal injury.

Hire A Lawyer

One of the best ways to get a positive outcome in your injury case is to work with a lawyer throughout the entire process. If you've never had to deal with an insurance company before when seeking injury compensation, you have no idea how it is going to go down. Working with someone that is experienced in this field is going to maximize your compensation through negotiation and litigation. 

Don't Believe The Final Offer

There are many times where an insurance company is going to tell you that they are making their final offer. Don't believe them when you hear this. There is no such thing as a final offer because you always have the option to go to trial if you are not getting a fair settlement offer. Your lawyer will know how much your injury is worth and advise you on when you should take the offer or keep negotiating. 

Get Immediate Medical Treatment

You need to have a serious injury in order to justify a large personal injury claim. However, insurance companies love to use a lack of medical treatment as a way to prove that your injury was not serious. This can include waiting a day or two after the injury to see a doctor or not seeing a doctor at all because the injury was minor. Your medical bills will be paid for by insurance if it is a serious injury due to someone else's fault. Get the treatment you need now and worry about paying the bills later from your settlement because early treatment is key to winning.

Continue To Visit Your Doctor

It's important that you not just seek immediate medical treatment, but you continue to see doctors as recommended throughout the recovery process. Too many times is there a gap in treatment or a lack of follow-ups, which is another way that insurance companies try to justify that your injury wasn't that serious. You should continue visiting your doctor until they tell you that you are healed and officially discharge you.

Reach out to a personal injury lawyer for more information.