Top Reasons For Why A Car Might Catch On Fire After An Accident

Top Reasons For Why A Car Might Catch On Fire After An Accident

26 April 2023
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While most cars do not catch on fire in an accident, this is not always the case. Your car might catch on fire for one of several reasons and cause you and your fellow passengers to become injured. After the accident, it's essential to find out what went wrong and speak with an auto accident attorney about how to seek compensation for your injuries.

Common Reasons Why a Car Might Catch on Fire

If there is a rupture in the fuel line or the fuel tank is damaged during the collision, it could cause gasoline or diesel to spill out onto hot engine components, which can ignite and start a fire.

The car's electrical system can be compromised during an accident, leading to short-circuiting and a blaze. Additionally, if the wiring is exposed after the collision, it could come into contact with flammable materials or hot engine parts, causing a fire.

How a Car Accident Might Cause Burn Injuries

A car accident can result in burn injuries due to several factors:

  • An explosion or fire caused by the collision can lead to direct contact with flames, possibly resulting in thermal burns
  • The passengers inside may be trapped and have limited options for escape, leading to severe burn injuries from smoke and hot air
  • There is a spillage of chemicals or fuel during the accident. If so, exposure to these hazardous substances can result in contact burns
  • The emergency responders cannot arrive on the scene promptly, and you had to flee the burning vehicle and sustain injuries from escaping flames or debris

When your car catches on fire, the liable party could be the at-fault motorist, the auto manufacturer, or a mechanic who failed to repair your vehicle. Speaking with an auto accident attorney is essential to sort out the mess. 

What to Expect from an Auto Accident Attorney

The attorney's goal is to identify all the at-fault parties you can take legal action against. This will maximize the chances of receiving total compensation for your injuries. For example, while taking legal action against the auto insurance provider of the at-fault motorist, you might discover that your damages are too high.

Why You Should Name Multiple Parties

The insurance provider might not be able to compensate you for your injuries fully. However, when you name multiple parties in a lawsuit, you are more likely to be fully compensated for your burn injuries.

Contact a car accident law firm to learn more.