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The Facts About Black Lung Disease

11 August 2020
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Those who work in the coal mining industry know all too well the damaging effects of coal dust on a workers' lungs. While coal mining operations have been forced to put more safety measures in place to prevent the devastating lung diseases that can occur, many workers continue to be impacted by the poor working conditions in and around coal mines. You are very likely entitled to benefits if you have been exposed to coal dust and are now paying the price. Read More …

Avoid Mistakes When Selling Your Business

29 July 2020
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The sale of a business is a transaction that should always be favorable for the seller. Yet, this benchmark is not always the standard. There are a countless number of costly mistakes that can have negative ramifications in both the short term and long term for the seller. All sellers should be educated to avoid a costly pitfall. Not Knowing What the Buyer Is Buying What you see in your business is not necessarily what the next person sees. Read More …

What To Know About Birth Defect Law

17 July 2020
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Parents who welcome their children to the world are usually not prepared for the sleepless nights and tough days ahead. When your child is born with a birth defect, these hard times tend to be amplified. Knowing what to do in these situations can help make your transition into parenthood smoother, and help you to get the care your child needs as soon as possible. Here are a few things to know about birth defect law and how to help your child. Read More …

Don’t Ask for Less Than Your Claim Is Worth

6 July 2020
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Many personal injury claimants walk away without the full value of their claim. This is often because they do not fully value their claim after becoming injured or they make one of several other mistakes. Fortunately, when working closely with a personal injury attorney, you will be better able to seek the maximum compensation for your injuries. Don't Assume That You Only Can Make One Type of Claim Some plaintiffs wrongly assume that they are limited to only one type of claim. Read More …

Brake Checking And Your Personal Injury Claim

25 June 2020
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The Zebra, a national insurance comparison checking website, conducted a survey and found that 19.3% of motorists feel anger while driving. When another motorist believes that you are driving too close, a practice commonly referred to as "tailgating," he might slam on the brakes in a process known as "brake checking." This is often considered a sign of road rage and can lead to an accident if you do not stop in time. Read More …