The Importance Of Retaining An Assertive Auto Accident Attorney

2 February 2021
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When you sustain significant damages in a car wreck, you wonder how you can physically recover and pay for the expenses that you incur as a result. In fact, under your state's personal injury laws, you are not obligated to cover the costs that result from the wreck. The party that caused it is legally obligated to compensate you for expenses like medical bills, lost income and more. However, convincing this other party to compensate you fairly can be challenging. Read More …

Steps To Take After Being Injured At Work By A Forklift

29 January 2021
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While forklifts are commonly used in workplaces across America, they also lead to thousands of injuries each year. In some cases, the worker operating the forklift is responsible for the injury, while in other cases, the injury was unavoidable. But because workers' compensation is a no-fault system, you should consider speaking with a workers' compensation attorney regardless of who is at fault. What Happens After a Forklift Accident Because forklift injuries can often be fatal, one of the primary concerns after a forklift accident is to get the participants treatment as soon as possible. Read More …

What Will A Hit And Run Accident Attorney Do For You?

20 January 2021
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If you were injured in a hit and run accident, you may face devastating physical and emotional scars. These accidents can be terrifying and intimidating — especially if you do not know who caused your accident. You may also be stuck with medical bills, the inability to earn money, and other financial damages. The good news? You have legal recourse. These are the ways a hit and run accident attorney can help you move forward. Read More …

How Pain, Suffering, And Trauma Factor Into Injury Cases

28 December 2020
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When discussing an injury claim, it's easy to focus on the direct and physically provable harm that occurred. However, a personal injury attorney will also want to pursue damages to cover pain, suffering, and emotional trauma. These aren't as easy to prove, but the legal system has a process for handling this issue. Starting with the Known Injuries Most insurance companies and nearly all courts use a multiplier system to calculate compensation for pain, suffering, and trauma. Read More …

4 Types Of Compensation You Can Claim In A Wrongful Death Case

11 December 2020
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People talking with wrongful death lawyers about cases will inevitably get to the topic of compensation. This is the money that a defendant is expected to pay if they are found at fault. Wrongful death attorneys can help their clients pursue several types of compensation so let's take a look at what might be part of a claim or suit. Medical Bills Understandably, it's common for folks to focus on death-related compensation in these cases. Read More …