Dealing With A Personal Injury Matter? Two Reasons To Get An Attorney

9 April 2020
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Personal injury cases take many forms. You could be walking down the aisle in a grocery store when you suddenly slip on a puddle of water. Or, you might fall through the stairs leading up to a neighbor's house when you came to call. It's hard to plan for a personal injury situation, and if you aren't armed with the right information, you might even gloss over an opportunity to be compensated for your losses. Read More …

Commercial Vehicle Accidents: Dos And Don’ts

7 April 2020
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Getting in a car accident is scary, but getting in an accident with a commercial vehicle is downright terrifying. All vehicle crashes have the potential to do incredible damage to vehicles and people, but accidents with a massive commercial vehicle like a semi-truck have the potential to be even more devastating and damaging due to the mere size of the truck. It is important to know what to steps to take if you are ever in an accident with a truck in order to get compensated for damages. Read More …

3 Components Of A Good Personal Injury Claim

31 March 2020
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In this day and age, it can seem like you can sue someone for just about anything, but there are definitely some restrictions. When it comes to personal injury cases, many attorneys won't even look at your case unless it meets a few conditions, because otherwise it just won't be successful. Your personal injury attorney can sit down with you to see if you meet any of these criteria. Here is what they are going to be looking for. Read More …

4 Things That Might Impact Your Workers’ Compensation Settlement Amount

26 March 2020
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If you are in the process of dealing with a workers' compensation case, you might be wondering whether or not you will receive a settlement. You might also be pretty curious about how much your settlement amount will be, if applicable. Of course, your workers' compensation settlement amount will vary based on a few different factors. These are a few examples of different things that might impact the amount of your workers' compensation amount. Read More …

Be Trial-Ready For Your Personal Injury Case

23 March 2020
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When an auto accident that was not your fault lands you in the hospital, you may also end up in court. Not all personal injury cases go to court, but you might want to know what to expect if it does. Read on to find out more about the pretrial process and three ways you could help your personal injury case. 1. Be Careful When in Public When victims are forced to file a lawsuit against the other driver's insurer, those insurers are bound to sit up and notice. Read More …